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Creative Writing


    Amy stared down at her blank paper. No good ideas came to her head. Creative writing just wasn't her forte. “Think!” she told herself, “Come up with something brilliant and beautiful!” Sadly, no words came. “Why does writing have to be so difficult anyway? Not even computers can write.” Amy thought about this. She wondered why computers can't write stories, but people can. After all, computers can do just about everything. Except, they can't feel. Computers have no emotions. Isn't that what really goes into creative writing... emotions?

    Robert Frost once said, “No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader.” Amy realized why this was so true. Creative writing is a form of art. It is a way to express oneself. If a painter feels no emotional connection in his work, how is anyone else supposed to?

    People read and write stories to feel something. That emotion could be sadness or anger. It could be longing or joy. Emotions are what make us human. They are what make us do the right thing. Emotions are what make life worth living. To feel and experience emotion can make everything worthwhile.

    Amy picked up her pencil and started writing nonstop.