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North Or South


She could go north or south. Those were her only two options. The cold stone walls that were on her left and right prevented her from going any other way. That was where she woke up. Looking around she noticed down each path there were long, thin, red arrows pointing away from the direction she awoke with either an N at the base of the arrows or an S at the Base. From the north path, a gust of wind nearly blew her off her feet. In her hand there was a note. The note said “If you go _____ you will find death. If you go _____ you will find life.” The sky was white with clouds. She saw birds flying above her. She took a step south to begin her journey when suddenly the arrows that were pointing south, turn to face north. This made her hesitate. So she took a deep breath, turned around, and stepped north. Just like before, the arrows turned to face south. Desperation flooded into here heart, tears came to her eyes, and she crumpled to the floor like a rag-doll never to get up again.